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Salon Human Resources and Associated Salon Business Documents.

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Salon Human Resources Management.

You don't need to be a Human Resources expert to reap the benefits of a compliant HR plan. You just need FCL Salon Advice!

From a single contract to a full HR plan.

When the success of your business is dependent on the skill and dedication of others, it makes great sense to ensure that they are as good as they can be..

Many employers view salon contracts, employee handbooks and performance appraisals as a burden of red-tape. The most successful employers leverage their Human Resources responsibilities to their advantage.

Escape the red-tape and enjoy a new more relaxed you!

A Salon Human Resources plan is a long term commitment that a salon owner can leverage to ensure that their staff are capable of working to 100% of their potential 100% of the time.

Yes, HR includes contracts and job descriptions and performance appraisals, but this is not difficult when you have the right tools and the right support to show you how to benefit from them.


* Salon Job Application Forms
* Salon Employee Contracts
* Salon Employee Handbook
* Salon Performance Appraisals
* Salon Human Resources Pack
* Salon Trade CV's Get That Job

"Full Column's appraisal technique has given us a detailed and through method to evaluate our staff and their performance, a way to get to the bottom of any problems, to analyse them then create solutions. It gives the staff a real feeling of involvement in the business and their future career through performance analysis and feedback"

Mark Turner, Director, Kate Bloom Hair & Beauty

A rock solid human resources plan and document set will make your life easier and more profitable!