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The grass can be greener, it just takes a little strategic thinking and a little action.

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There are many issues facing salon management today and it's not always easy to cope on your own. That's where Full Column comes in, to lend a helping hand.

When the whole team works with knowledge of salon business development techniques wonderful things start to happen!

Often salons have conflicting groups of staff and or working methods that are counter- productive to meaningful growth.

There are working methods and practices that can improve overall productivity and profitability, it is these methods that Full Column brings to salons.

In the face of tough competition an aggressive Business Development plan is the most important weapon in a salon's armoury.

2011/12 is going to be tough, how tough will you be?

As a Salon Business Growth Consultant Mick Say, the Salon CEO works with clients as an integral part of their business development team. With 30 years experience and a no-nonsense approach, Mick works with salon management and staff to help each individual to realise their full potential.

Each member of the salon team needs to accept more responsibility for personal column profitability. Full Column specialises in teaching business development skills to all salon staff.

Today more than ever clients think with their heads and their purses. In the coming dog-eat-dog world every switched on salon owner will teach their team how to be creative business development managers and they will ensure that their message is consistent and speaks to clients hearts and not their heads.

"Even the best stylist in the world is useless without a constant flow of clients to the chair"

Together we can teach your salon team how to be more business focused and without alienating clients we can make your business stronger, fitter and more profitable .

The future is yours to manage. Your success will be determined by the level of investment you make in business development planning and training!

Mick Say
the Salon CEO